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Concierge Medicine

Concierge Medicine

Personalized care for you.

At NOVAMED Associates, outstanding care means much more than treating illness. It involves understanding the complex web of genetic, physical and emotional aspects that affects a patient’s health, educating on preventative measures and working together on individualized wellness plans. This kind of care requires times and dedicated attention to the individual patient that is simply not possible in today’s healthcare system.

Our practice size is smaller than a traditional practice which means we have more quality time together…not only to treat complex issues, but to focus on prevention and wellness.

As a member of our concierge medicine practice, you’ll receive truly patient-focused and personalized healthcare. Patients have peace of mind knowing that we will be there whenever needed, providing care in a highly personalized way.

Patient Testimonials

Some of the Many Patient Benefits:

  • 24/7 Direct communications via our personal emails and cell phones.
  • Same-day and longer appointments for all visits.
  • Little or no waiting in a wait room.
  • Strong focus on wellness.
  • And so much more...

Personal Care and Commitment

As a member of our practice, you can expect to receive the same high standard of care we have always delivered to our patients. You will receive our honest, compassionate and heartfelt dedication to your individual needs. The difference? You will receive more of it.

We take the time to listen and educate.

“I believe a physician’s most crucial role is to teach…educating patients in a way that extends far beyond simple management of an illness, but gets to the heart of preventing disease and moving towards wellness.” – Bradford S. Pontz, M.D.


Telemedicine Now Available

I am pleased to offer my patients the easy to use telemedicine option called as a convenient alternative to in-office appointments for check-ins, prescription refills and other routine matters. is accessed through a simple link that I’ll send by text or email before our virtual visit. All you need is a smart phone or computer with a webcam. While we can handle many issues via telemedicine, please note that symptoms such as chest or abdominal pain may require a physical exam. Please call my office first so that we may determine if a virtual visit is the best option for you.

NOVAMED Associates Concierge Medicine
Is In The News!

Concierge medicine continues to gain momentum in northern Virginia with the launch of NOVAMED Associates Concierge Care, according to Specialdocs Consultants, a national concierge transition company working with the practice. Bradford S. Pontz, MD and Eric S. Vallone, MD offer highly personalized care at NOVAMED, including 24/7 availability via cell phone and email, same or next day appointments, extended visits and a significant focus on wellness. Click to read more.

Personalized Primary Care

As a full-service concierge primary care practice, we offer routine care when you need us, as well as comprehensive annual health assessments which far exceed the traditional standards.

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