Medical Economics spotlights Dr. Pontz of NOVAMED Associates

Medical Economics is featuring NOVAMED Associates’ Bradford Pontz, MD in their November 2020 issue. The article focuses on Dr. Pontz’s journey to the concierge medicine model and how his decision to make the move to the practice model benefited his patients and his practice.

“We can spend about twice as much time for each patient’s visit. It means we can be a lot more thorough with our care, we can address all the patient’s questions or complaints when they come in for a visit. And the pace of the visit is more relaxed; it allows both the physician and the patient to just enjoy the interaction more,” says Dr. Pontz. “Outside of the visit, we have more time to be available in other ways. The patients all have my email address, and they also have my personal cell phone number. They can contact me if there’s something urgent that comes up after hours. And I do get a number of emails every day, but I have time to respond to them, and the patients appreciate that level of contact.”

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